Some of the visualisation work I produce facilitates collaboration with other specialists. The images on this page demonstrate the potential interpretive output following photogrammetric survey of a graveslab.

Kieran Baxter conducting a photogrammetric survey of the Ballyhennan graveslab.

The stone slab was surveyed in collaboration with Kieran Baxter (pictured) using structure from motion photogrammetry which uses multiple photographs to create a textured 3D model.The model could be re-lit in the 3D software to highlight the weathered carving.

16th century grave-slab (2013), Ballyhennan, Scotland. Material produced for the Hidden Heritage Project.

Additionally, from this data it was possible to output a series of orthographic images from which accurate measurements could be taken. The re-lit orthographic images in turn facilitated the production of a measured drawing of the grave-slab suitable for publication.

Measured drawing of the graveslab.

A short time-lapse style animation was also produced which served as a dynamic means of bringing the carved details to light.